SOWER stands for Serving in Outreach, Worship, Encouragement, and Relationship-building. Each ministry seeks to meet the needs of the fellowship from a different angle. Together, they provide a strong foundation for the community here at AACF.

As for what was sown on good soil, this is the one who hears the word and understands it (Matthew 13:23).

Large Group

Large group is a weekly gathering of the whole fellowship where we can come together to worship God and learn about the Word of God from the Bible.

Our theme for Large Group this year is “Life at Cal.” Topics that will be covered in Large Group include important subjects such as the “Idolatry of Everyday Things” and “Balancing Faith with School and Career.” The aim of these topics is to be applicable for students experiencing the college life.

Our intentions for Large Group this year include providing a group setting that allows people to love and learn about God together, while serving as a communication point for our fellowship’s ministries and local churches.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ethan .


This year, Worship Ministry seeks to lead others to humble themselves before God, recognizing his sacrifice and his awesomeness, in a manner that magnifies Him over us.

We hope to foster community by leading people to worship as one. In addition, we want to train a consistent, God-fearing team of leaders to understand the significance and sacrifices of leading worship in humility and sincerity.

For more information, contact Jolana.


At AACF, we don’t aim to just uplift each other, but to be salt and light to everyone around us. This year, our aim is to consider outreach as not just a one-time thing or a particular set of skills, but a lifestyle we’re all called to live out, praying for our community and living out the Gospel through our actions and own unique gifts, talents, and personalities. We want to be expressive upward to God, inward to understand ourselves as image bearers of Jesus Christ, and outward with the people around us – investing in each other’s lives and finding our place in God’s story. Our three main goals include:

  • Encouraging the fellowship to harness our God-given talents, interests, and passions into service and worshipful expression
  • Creating opportunities for the fellowship to be equipped for and practicing outreach in our daily lives
  • Provide settings that make Christianity available and approachable to everyone, getting people to understand and challenge their assumptions about the faith

If you would like to get involved, check out our outreach opportunities, or contact Josh.

Midreach (Hospitality)

Within AACF, we hope to build a strong community that invites, welcomes, and embraces each person that visits our fellowship. We strive to develop relationships with newcomers that go deeper than the simple “hi” and “bye” as we want to get to know them as an individual. It is also important to us to provide a nurturing Christian community for newcomers to call home during their time at Cal. This year, AACF’s hospitality ministry focuses on four main purposes:

  • To create a welcoming, supportive community for freshmen, transfer students, and all newcomers
  • To make every individual feel known, important, and valued
  • To develop a sense of camaraderie throughout the entire fellowship
  • To strengthen relationships within each class

To get plugged in, contact Kristen.


Sometimes spiritual growth within a fellowship is equated to “hanging out” and “spending time with one another.” While these are good things, the inreach ministry at AACF strives to prioritize intentionality, accountability, and discipleship. This includes fostering meaningful dialogue and relationships with people beyond AACF’s “main events” like Large Group and Small Group as well as providing spaces for accountability on a personal and fellowship-wide level. This year we hope to encourage personal spiritual growth and provide opportunities for people to serve in AACF.

To get connected, contact Deborah.


Prayer meetings are TBD. For more information, contact Andrew.


AACF Drama Ministry aims to glorify God through the intersections of art and performance, using various methods to tell stories that pursue Biblical truth and proclaim the Gospel! If you’re interested in joining drama ministry, contact Josh.