Urbana 15

What is Urbana?

Urbana is hosted by InterVarsity every three years in St. Louis, MO and is one of the largest student missions conferences in the world. The program consists of prayer, scripture, seminars, and worship. This year’s speakers include David Platt and Francis Chan.

When is Urbana?

Urbana is December 27th through December 31st.

How much is Urbana?

If you register from July 1st to November 10th, the student price is $459. After November 10th, the sudent price is $519. There are opportunities for scholarships by contacting local InterVarsity staff. In addition, your home or local churches may offer a scholarship or another sort of financial aid.

Why should I attend Urbana?

Urbana allows students the opportunity to explore their place in the Kingdom in a unique environment with many resources and other students. It’s a chance to think thoughtfully about partaking in global missions and about what God may be calling you to do. Often times, the tendency is to think, “I won’t give my life to missions unless God calls me to.” Are we willing to change our perspective?

I’ll give my life to missions unless God calls me to do otherwise.